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Hopeless Haze - Volume II: Sam's Town [Masterpost] [14 Jul 2017|12:15am]


Volume II: Sam's Town
Updates on Fridays

Ronnie headed for the door and spared the singer a glance before leaving. He felt guilty, but they had so many pointless spats nowadays that he knew everything would be fine later. The drummer shut the door behind him as he walked out. Fighting was part of being in a relationship, right? It was healthy, right?
Originally posted on Wattpad under the username thesunisgone.

Chapter One: I've Got This Sentimental Heart

Chapter Two: I Look A Little Bit Colder

Chapter Three, Part One: Don't You Worry, It'll All Work Out [7/28/17]
Chapter Three, Part Two: Don't You Worry, It'll All Work Out [8/4/17]

Chapter Four, Part One: Let Me Show You How Much I Care [8/11/17]
Chapter Four, Part Two: Let Me Show You How Much I Care [8/18/17]

Chapter Five: A Sutble Kiss That No One Sees [tba]

Chapter Six: It's Hard Enough To Live [tba]

Chapter Seven: You Have One Saved Message [tba]
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Hopeless Haze - Volume One: Hot Fuss [22 Jun 2017|07:17pm]

Hopeless Haze Volume I: Hot Fuss
37k. Complete.

Ronnie then remembered what happened in the cab; when the singer had leaned against him and they fit together like two puzzle pieces. The drummer’s heart fluttered when he imagined being romantically involved with Brandon. It was then and there—standing in a dark hotel hallway at four A.M.—when Ronnie Vannucci realized he had it bad for Brandon Flowers.

Table of Contents // Chapter One

Originally posted on Wattpad under the username thesunisgone.

Volume II: Sam's Town coming soon.
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Damn, Bitch (TK5) [04 Jun 2017|04:49pm]

*DISCLAIMER*- This is really shitty and poorly-written (there's probably some grammar/punctuation fuck-ups too because I can't write for shit), but with the *apparent* impending arrival of some new music (finally lmao) I figured I'd post this really old fic I wrote last year.


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this fandom is dead af [12 Mar 2017|01:36am]
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oh FUCK [27 Aug 2013|08:26pm]


Title: oh FUCK
Pairing: ​Bronnie
Rating: Smut: 8.9 ... bunny and puppy: 2.0
Warning: there's some language, violence, and I like blood
Disclaimer: I'm really disappointed that I don't own Ronnie Vannucci and Brandon Flowers, but after reading this, you'll probably be glad that I don't.

I'm new here, so this is my "hello" Criticism is appreciated, but I'm new at the whole fanfic thing, and even newer at smut, so it will probably be really awkward.
I'm writing this to you in reverse, someone better call a hearse! Collapse )
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[11 Mar 2012|11:32am]

Title: Wolf in a Suit 
Pairing: Brandon and Ronnie, Ronnie's POV.
Rating: R again.
Warnings: Self harm, violence, sadness, suicide. Also very graphic. 
Disclaimer: I would be crying in a dark corner for the rest of my life if this really happened. So, yeah, fiction. I also don't own them.
Notes: Fic written by me, have in mind that English is my second language. But no mistakes should be found in this since two of my american friends edited it for me. 

This community is so dead.

This fic is long.Collapse )

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[04 Oct 2011|02:34am]

Title: Devoured
Pairing: Brandon and Ronnie again, and you all know this by "Bronnie".
Rating: R yep.
Disclaimer: Never happened, really, never.
Notes: This fic this time is mine, and remember: I'm not a natural english speaker, although probably there's no mistakes in this one because one of my american friends edited it for me. But be prepared for some portuguese punctuation: Long periods and lots of commas.


READY? GO.Collapse )

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[17 Jul 2011|09:48pm]

Title: Flying Can Be Fun
Pairing: Brandon and Ronnie, aka, Bronnie.
Rating: ... I think R, Idek, the highest one.
Disclaimer: It will never be possible to do it in an airplane toilet and I sadly don't own Brandon and Ronnie.
Notes: This fic isn't mine, it was originally written in portuguese, I've just translated it, and some of my friends corrected it.
The original is here (in portuguese).

And here it is, I think it's a little bit too longCollapse )
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[09 Dec 2010|10:48pm]

Disclaimer: Not true guys, sorry
Title: idk, I can never think of good titles
Rating: R I guess
Pairing: Bronneh

This is kinda old. I dug it up and decided I might as well post it. Idk how good it is, and Ive never shared my writing, soo.. here it goes. Plus, this place has been dead for way too long. Let's bring some life back into it, please! Ive never posted here before, but here goes nothing. I hope you enjoy~

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Looking for a story [28 Oct 2010|11:27pm]

I'm looking for a Brave (Brandon/Dave) story that I found awhile back and LOVED and now I can't find it again! It's about Brandon getting heat stroke on stage and fainting and Dave taking care of him. I think it's called "Heat" or something along those lines. Anyone know the one I'm talking about!? I really wanna read it again. It was awesome.
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In You And Me [01 Jan 2010|12:16am]

Title: In You And Me
Pairing: This is a Brave one.
Rating: R, I guess. Cuz Dave is obscene.
Disclaimer: WHOA BOY. I involve soooo many different names in this that if I were to attempt to personally apologize in advance for all of them, I'd be here all night. In a nutshell, this is a complete work of fiction. If this were to have happened, I would not be sitting here writing this...I would be weeping in a corner.
Notes: This is my first fic, and although it began as a short oneshot...it sort of grew...into the ~monster that it is now. I'm pleased with it though, and I think it's worth a read. Happy New Year, everyone! <3


Lots of Dave angst coming right up...Collapse )


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[21 Sep 2009|11:10pm]

Be gentle this is my first attempt at slash/fanfic.

Title: Why the frown?
Disclaimer: I made this up. Hopefully no one finds this disturbing...
Rating: XXX
Pairing: Brandon/Ronnie/Dave = oh snap!

(Just A Shimmy And A Shake)Collapse )
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[12 Sep 2009|09:40pm]

*wipes dust off community and flicks on flash light*

Anyone here? How about some Brandon/Ronnie love? Think about what they would do after a show if you need a prompt ;)
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BRAND NEW [17 Jul 2009|06:30am]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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In the studio.... [27 May 2009|02:41pm]

Hi :) Just a little something I had tucked away. It's kind of Brandon/Dave...
It's not very structured,though,and not particularly good. I can't decide whether to continue or not. Comments are love! Anyway,here you go;

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[28 Apr 2009|09:07pm]

Hey everyone!

it´s been very quiet here in the past few months...

Maybe flirty!brandon gives you some inspiration?

Looks like a good story to me! ;-)
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[03 Apr 2009|04:35am]

Multifandom Drabble Meme

X-posted, mods if not allowed please delete =)
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HAI SO OMG. [22 Jan 2009|04:54pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

so obviously, i'm new.
i have nothing to offer because i'm so BRAND NEW to this fandom.
but hey, i ended up going to a killers concert the other day (OMG AMAZING LIVE, AMIRITE?) and after it i had this really long conversation with my friend's stepdad about how OBVIOUSLY GAY dave and brandon are.
so until i feel like i'm worthy to write anything, fic recommendations pls?
(also, :< what's up with the inactivity, kids?)

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[25 Nov 2008|04:02pm]

Pairing: Ronnie and two others
Rating: bunny puppy 3 Smut 9
Warnings: spankings, slight het., controversial.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately this DID NOT HAPPEN...

read it here because I'm lame with titlesCollapse )
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[18 Nov 2008|07:53pm]

IDK where this came from...I found it on my hard drive. I'm pretty sure I actually finished this one. This is just all I typed. LOL. But the spacing's weird. Sorry.

So yeah. Maybe if you beg I'll finish it.

It's LONG.

Some untitled puppy love...Collapse )
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