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Title: Flying Can Be Fun
Pairing: Brandon and Ronnie, aka, Bronnie.
Rating: ... I think R, Idek, the highest one.
Disclaimer: It will never be possible to do it in an airplane toilet and I sadly don't own Brandon and Ronnie.
Notes: This fic isn't mine, it was originally written in portuguese, I've just translated it, and some of my friends corrected it.
The original is here (in portuguese).

They'd been in the air for three hours. Almost everyone in the first class, even the other two bandmates, were sleeping, except for them. The night was beautiful, and in that altitude it felt like the stars could be reached. They were sitting side by side in the luxurious seats of the first class, even that close, they did all they could to keep their contact, rubbing their legs together like it wasn’t intentional.

Brandon was sitting by the window. He tried to not look at the drummer, but he could hear his breathing, knowing that he was awake made him want to jump on him and send all the people in the plane to hell. Truth be told, he didn’t know how he was behaving himself, it was impossible to deny to how beautiful Ronnie was. That damn beard, for sure, could make anyone lose their sense of space and time. The only thing that was in his mind right now was the marvelous sensation of kissing him right now and feeling his beard rubbing against his skin. Auto control had turned into something essential in his vocabulary.

Damn the moment when he decided to sit next to Ronnie. Brandon didn’t know if this obsession was normal, but what he did know, in this moment, was that the drummer wasn’t pulling his leg away. He kept the contact. Not that it meant anything, they were always touching each other, hugging, the likes, But what Ronnie didn't know was that with every touch, Brandon could only imagine himself being pushed into a wall and being pressed there by his friend.

OK, so the situation was pretty critical.

Finally Brandon looked at him, in a discrete way, to see if he really was awake. He turned his head, and found those eyes watching him. He couldn’t help blushing a little, he thanked everything he believed in, even what he didn’t believe, for the darkness they were in, so Ronnie couldn't notice him blush. The singer smiled, one of those smiles you give when you look at someone and they're looking back. The classic polite smile. The friend smiled back, and he felt his heart stop for more time than could be allowed, Ronnie's too-perfect smile, framed by that beard, and he felt his life going away. He couldn’t deviate his fixed look.

“I thought you were sleeping”. The drummer pronounced, in an almost whispering way, smiling to his friend. It made Brandon stop thinking, and his thoughts were pretty far deep. That damn voice.

“Ohh… No, I can’t sleep. Flying makes me nervous.” He said the first thing that came to his mind, smiling shyly. Ronnie laughed, quietly, but laughed, and came more closer to Brandon.

“Aw, Flowers, scared of heights? I’m here to protect you.” He patted the other’s shoulder, laughing derisively. He shuffled in his seat, and Brandon almost died when he saw Ronnie lifting the plastic arm that marked their personal space. “Don’t tell me you’re scared of the dark too…” This time, definitely, it was a whisper, and a really close whisper. He felt his hot breath on his neck, a sensation that sent chills down his whole body. The singer swallowed dry, trying to focus on the words.

“I wouldn't say 'scared'. I just prefer the light.” He almost screamed in pride to be able to formulate a complete sentence without stuttering. He was staring at the seat in front of him, he didn’t want to look at the older one. He still could feel how near he was, and felt too the brief laugh he let out, his breath hitting Brandon’s skin.

“Interesting things happen in the dark, you know…” He could feel the malicious tone in Ronnie’s voice, he swallowed again, and felt his body getting warm. He definitely wasn't trying to seduce Brandon. It couldn’t be true.

“Uhm, if you could be more specific…” He turned his head, facing the drummer. Their noses almost rubbed, he saw the devilish smile forming on the other’s face. His heart seemed to jump out of his chest.

Ronnie's dark brown eyes, which always seemed to let out an almost evil aura were now further darkened. He faced Brandon like he was going to devour him in a few seconds. He observed his movements, the involuntary bit - or not - on his lower lip almost made him lost the control and take him right there. He guided his hand to Brandon’s thigh, and squeezed it with desire, drawing out a quiet moan.

In that moment it was clear. Both wanted the same thing.

“Was I specific enough?”. Ronnie faced him, his hand was taking an indecent route up his leg. Their noses touched, and he smiled triumphant seeing that Brandon was panting, desperate.

“Not completely”. The singer’s voice came out more quiet and husky than normal. His eyes, darkened too, now were facing the other’s eyes. Ronnie just smiled, and in a desperate way, bent over him. More contact. Brandon panted, again, almost laying down completely in the big seat. He swallowed again, his heart was almost exploding. He leaned on his elbows, repressing the urge to take off all their clothes and let Ronnie do whatever he wanted, right there. He licked his lips, in a involuntary way, looking at Ronnie's perfect mouth. He wasn't even rational anymore.

He lost all the sense of reality when his lips were obscenely attacked. He lay himself completely on the seat, his mouth invaded by Ronnie’s tongue. He was feeling his hands coming near the place that was most in need of relief, he threw his arms around his neck, dragging him closer.

Now both were exploring urgently, they were panting, Brandon started to tug on Ronnie's hair, and curled some locks of it into his fingers. His hands started to make a way to his face, rubbing his finger on the beard that he desired so much to touch in a situation like this. He couldn’t control the low moans he let out during the kiss, or even his excitement which was almost out of his control. And with any sound Brandon made, Ronnie could feel his blood getting warmer, and held him harder, kissing him more aggressively. The hand moved up, towards Brandon's shirt, and without asking for permission, invaded the piece of clothing, touching Brandon’s skin in a painful way. He was going to leave marks. His possessive side came out while hearing those adorable sounds against his mouth.

Brandon twitched with every touch, kissing him more urgently with every inch that was explored, the hands lowered from the drummer’s face to his back, scratching him and pulling him closer, making the space between their bodies disappear and the heat take it's place.

He left the violated lips of the singer to attack his neck, rubbing his teeth hard, and Brandon quickly put a hand to his mouth, trying to stifle the sounds that were trying to come out. He took one of his hands out of Brandon's shirt, leading it to his back to make him sit up, facing him. He wanted to take him right there, but he couldn’t in the middle of all those people. He placed his hands on Brandon’s hips, and pulled him closer, hearing him stifle another moan against his hand. He smiled, and made a way with his tongue to his ear, leaving the track of saliva through the marks he'd just left on that perfect neck he had in hands. Reaching his ear, he bit his lobe, and Brandon's body shook in his arms.

“I don't think I could be more specific.” His voice came out husky, seductive. Brandon's eyes rolled into his head, and he held Ronnie tighter. Breathing loudly, he felt his body reacting violently to everything that was happening to him. It took all he had to say something that wasn’t just a scandalous moan.

“Well... the only question is how this could end.'' He opened his eyes, and faced Ronnie, looking deep inside his soul. He could barely see his chocolate eyes. He bit Ronnie’s lower lip, their noses still touching.

“Follow me into the bathroom, and maybe I can answer your question.” He said against Brandon’s lips. His voice a whisper, gave Brandon chills, hearing those words. He knew he was going to get what he wanted, immediately. Brandon was already torturing himself with images in his mind, making himself even more aroused, so much it was hurting.

Ronnie got up suddenly, leaving him disoriented. He simply started walking through the plane’s corridor, locking himself up in the bathroom that was 4 seats away from where they were. Brandon breathed deeply, trying to calm himself, trying to convince him that it wasn’t a dream. He took his hand to his chest, his heart beating so hard it felt like it was about to explode. He looked down, smiling nervously. He wouldn't be left like that. He needed a release.

He tried to rationalize, looking desperately down the corridor, he couldn’t see any stewardess, it was perfect, free way to the bathroom. He wanted to laugh, he was so happy that he wanted to laugh, after all this time he'd finally had a taste of his beloved drummer. And, oh God, it was better than anything he’d imagined. Feeling Ronnie's weight on him was the best moment of his life, and he could barely wait for more. But he was scared. The Little Mormon Singer was afraid of being caught, in the bathrooms with his drummer, and it only made him want it more. What the hell was happening?

He gave a last look to his bandmates sitting in front of him and stood up. He walked in rapid steps through the corridor, trying, just in that moment, to focus himself in something that wasn’t that kiss. His eyes were open wide, and he couldn’t pace himself. He could feel his pulse throughout his body, he was finally at the door. He breathed deeply and knocked only once, shyly.

The door opened quickly and he felt a hand pulling him in. The auto control he'd managed to keep on during the walk to the bathroom was gone. He was being kissed again, more fiercely this time. He felt his back hitting the door and locking it, being pressed against it right after. Ronnie raised him from the ground, he had his feet hanging in the air and his arms around the shoulders of the one he'd wanted so much. It was like the drummer had fifty hands, and they were everywhere, all over his body, in his hair, on his legs, his back. All the contact left him breathless.

Brandon was kissing back in the same wild way that the kiss was being taken from him, both were panting, they had no air to inhale, but they didn't want to break the kiss, to separate their lips, they wanted more, more and more. Their tastes were addicting, all that desperation was like a drug, they couldn't get inches away from each other, even for a second. They were reaching to the extreme of their beings, their tongues exploring each other, their mouths, weak moans were unwittingly released by Brandon. His face blushed, hot, both of their whole bodies hot.

Finally they gave up to the need of breathing, Brandon had his feet on the ground again, but the pressure against his body had no end. All those clothes started to become more than a nuisance. Ronnie leaned his forehead against the smaller's, while taking his hands to the buttons on his shirt, facing Brandon, looking him in the eyes like he's never done before.

The singer wanted to do something, but that look simply took away all his sanity, he couldn't even remember his own name, neither how to formulate entire phrases, all he could do was beg with weak and unconscious moans that came out of his throat. Ronnie found adorable the lack of control the other had over his acts while being pressed against the plane's toilet door. He unbuttoned Brandon's shirt in an unnatural velocity, he could look like he was calm, but he was ready to explode if he didn't begin to do what he wanted soon. The light of the toilet wasn't THAT bright, but Ronnie could perfectly see the lovely way the other was blushing, not only on his face, but whole body. He took his own shirt off and picked up the singer again in his arms, making him cross his legs on the drummer's hips.

Ronnie held him by the thighs, pressing his body even more against himself, as much as possible. He began to trace a trail with his lips over Brandon's shoulder, kissing each little part of skin he could find. Both were on fire, their bodies rubbed against each other in such a way that they could have caught on fire at any second. Brandon couldn't control his moans, now even Ronnie couldn't, feeling the singer moving against his body with urgency, rubbing their hips in a provocative way. Their pants, however, still an obstacle yet to be surpassed.

Now coursing the trail from his shoulder to the neck with little bites, Ronnie released Brandon's thighs, still pressing him against the door, he took his hands to his pants, opening it's button. He held the younger by the waist, and led his lips to the other's mouth, which was slightly opened, gasping for air through the singer's lips, kissing, searching for his tongue, exploring every inch of it, now well known, now more calmly, more romantic, he breathed heavily every moment he deepened more into the younger's mouth. Brandon was totally defeated in Ronnie's arms, and for God's sake, only he knew the amount of times he dreamt about it. Brandon kept his arms around the drummer's neck, and he almost didn't feel it when the other removed him from the door and sat him on the sink of the little toilet. He didn't even know how both could fit in that place, he only knew that they were there, and he knew that they wouldn't leave soon.

With Brandon now sitting, taking the clothes off was easier. Ronnie let go of the singer, and he felt a strange emptiness in doing this. He pulled off, in just one time, Brandon's pants and boxers. He heard the younger moan, and blush even more after doing this. The drummer smiled, taking off his own clothes, and got close, hugging the other. Ronnie wanted to say everything that he felt for Brandon, he wanted to say everything that was stuck in his throat, why postpone this moment so long. Maybe he didn't know how the younger would react, their friendship was too meaningful, and for everything that's sacred, he knew he couldn't live without Brandon. He hugged the other stronger, smelling the sweet essence of his skin, feeling the smaller's heart beat against his own chest, his breathing arrhythmic. He wanted to be with Brandon like this forever.

His smile got even wider when Brandon tried to say something, hugging the drummer's back stronger.

"Ronnie… Ron…"

"Say it, Brandon." He rubbed his nose against the pulsating neck of the singer, making fun of the situation.

"Ah, Ron, please… I… Please…" He tried to get even closer to the drummer's body, scratching his back, leaving marks. He didn't know how much time it would take for him to lose control.

"You just need to ask, Flowers. What do you want me to do?" His voice was husky against Brandon's ear, the other couldn't do anything, just moan something indecipherable, Ronnie liked having him like this, out of control. Brandon panted more and more, pressing his body against the older's, he couldn't deny, he needed a relief maybe even more than the singer, but he wanted Brandon to beg, he wanted to hear it from his lips, exactly, what he wanted the drummer to do to him. This was a need, however, he couldn't get even more aroused, but seeing the younger blush would, simply, leave him out of control.

"I… Want you, Ron… I… Inside me, please." The last part came in a shy whisper, he wasn't the kind of guy who begs, he blushed even more, his body almost burnt, it was so hot. He heard the other laugh against his ear and blushed more, he started to become desperate, he couldn't wait a second more.

"Hum, everything you want." He broke the hug and faced the other, adorably blushed. Brandon was too shy to look directly into Ronnie's eyes, so he looked in the other direction, trying to find a spot somewhere. The drummer pulled him in a way so the younger's feet could almost touch the floor, and put himself between his legs. Brandon was officially out of control.

Ronnie attacked the other's lips, and became surprised by being attacked back. Apparently, Brandon was impatient. The older couldn't resist let alone control himself, he took his hands to the singer's back, picking him up by his hips. Brandon raised his legs to Ronnie's waist, who looked back, to make sure that the toilet lid was down. The older sat down, accommodating the other the best way he could on his lap, without breaking the kiss. He took one of his hands to Brandon's back and the other to the nape of his neck, giving him support for the kiss in an even more aggressive way.

He left the younger's lips, hearing a reprobation sound, and a hand holding his hair possessively. He was really impatient, but Ronnie could not leave him like this, he wanted to see Brandon lose total self control, he wanted the younger to take control over the situation even if for a moment. He wanted it so much, but he thought it wouldn't happen that soon. He was miserably mistaken, the hand in his hair pulled his head back, while Brandon pulled his hips forward, making their members collide abruptly against each other. Apparently the beast was awake.

The younger bit the other's neck, while moving his hips suggestively over Ronnie's legs, with one of his hands open over his chest. Brandon was biting without pity, sucking, leaving marks, a lot of marks, he wanted to make it clear that the drummer was only his. The hand over Ronnie's chest began to descend, touching all the skin over the abdomen, finally arriving at it's destination. Without ceremony, the singer begun to stroke the other's member, tantalizingly slowly.

Surprised, Ronnie let out an angry sound, taking one of his hands to Brandon's hair, forcing him to get away from his neck. He saw the singer smiling perversely, without making the strokes faster. He continued to move his hips over the drummer, now the one who was being driven crazy was Ronnie. Finally he discovered the evil side of his so innocent singer, and he liked it.

He couldn't resist any more, taking one hand to Brandon's face, he put two fingers inside his mouth. He was sucking them in the most suggestive way ever, he could come only with that view, he needed a relief, and he needed it immediately. The movement over his legs had no end, and the speed of the strokes didn't rise, he started to see stars. He almost passed over the edge when Brandon begun to lick his fingers with round movements, raising the speed of his hips over Ronnie's lap. Little desperate and weak moans could be heard out of him while having his fingers sucked by the younger, his body was about to explode.

Brandon got his hand off of Ronnie, stopping the strokes, he took those two fingers out of his mouth, slowly, facing the drummer, looking right into his eyes, while licking his digits one last time. He lifted his own hips a little, bringing the other's hand to exactly where he wanted. This was Brandon's time to lay his forehead over the other's, the hair sticking. He kept the perverse smile on his face, the singer didn't look like himself anymore.

"Ronnie… I really hate to beg." He said with an unnatural husky voice, and Ronnie could swear that there was a touch of impatience and irritation. He smiled maliciously, seeing that now, the other had no shame, Brandon had revealed himself, and this side of him was almost scary. He could feel when the younger put his fingers next to his entrance, and the drummer's mind went blank when they restarted the suggestive movements, now against the older's fingers.

Ronnie tried to kiss Brandon, but the contact was denied, receiving a bite on his lower lip, while feeling his fingers going deeper inside the singer, who now didn't care about controlling his moans. Both of the younger's hands went to Ronnie's shoulders, he raised himself a little, making the contact easier. The drummer couldn't take this any more, he assumed that the other was already prepared, judging by the way he was moving against his fingers. He took both his hands to Brandon's waist, leading him over his member.

Brandon bit Ronnie's shoulder in desperation, he descended his hands to the drummer's legs, he was feeling an initial pain that could part him in two. The older took one of his hands to Brandon's member, which had no attention all this time, and it was really in need of it. Ronnie moaned when he felt himself completely inside the other, Brandon leaned to kiss him, and, to try to control his moans, seeing that Ronnie begun to stroke him.

He started to go up and down, slowly, with his lips stuck between the drummer's, who was moaning without any pudency now. His hands had no place to lay, Brandon had no support, the pleasure was so intense, he couldn't feel his bones under his skin any more, he was melting. The only thing he could do was attack the other's mouth, trying to control himself to not let go of all the screams and moans he wanted to. He started to speed up over Ronnie, the same way he started to stroke Brandon faster.

Both were close to come, and neither of them could control themselves, they couldn't hold back for much longer. They broke the kiss and opened their eyes, simultaneously, and they faced each other intensely in the last seconds before reaching their climax. Brandon came first, over Ronnie's hand, and on his abdomen too. All the muscles of the younger tightened, giving the drummer a never felt before sensation, causing him to come too.

They moaned together when Ronnie came inside Brandon. The younger collapsed over the other, sweaty, panting. The older kissed his shoulder, leading one hand to his back, not letting him fall from his lap. Both were panting, hearts beating arrhythmically and loud, their bodies were tired after such big waves of pleasure hitting them. They stayed like this for a couple of seconds, until making the situation a little bit more normal.

Brandon raised his face with difficulty to face the other, and kissed his lips calmly. They didn't deepen the kiss this time, they just stayed with their lips making contact, enjoying it. He felt Ronnie smile, and separated his lips from the drummer's.

"What's so funny?" Brandon asked, sitting again over the older's legs.

"I thought you were innocent, Flowers." He let out a short laugh, receiving a weak punch on his shoulder. Brandon blushed again, all his shyness was back.

He lifted up his back a little, hugging the younger, who was blushing more and more with every short laugh Ronnie let out. Adorable. They could stay like this for the rest of their lives, and it wouldn't matter. Brandon put his head on the curve of Ronnie's neck and let out a sigh. He was tired.

He had never thought that flying could be so amusing.

Feed back? Pretty please?

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daaaaaamn, im impressed. i enjoyed that, very much. especially brandon's dark side. very nice
Thank you very much! When I read this for the first time in portuguese I thought "No... I can't leave this only in portuguese." It took me some days to translate, but it's all rewarded when people actually read it.
yeah, I didnt read the entire info bit^ i assumed you wrote it. i guess i was just excited to see a new fic on here
Wow. Good one. Really liked the part about the fingers. Hot stuff, man. Hot stuff :)
Thank yooooou!



October 7 2011, 16:09:15 UTC 6 years ago

interesting. adorable.. can turn everyone to their field
This was absolutely adorable and steaming hot at the same time! You get an A++!