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Title: Devoured
Pairing: Brandon and Ronnie again, and you all know this by "Bronnie".
Rating: R yep.
Disclaimer: Never happened, really, never.
Notes: This fic this time is mine, and remember: I'm not a natural english speaker, although probably there's no mistakes in this one because one of my american friends edited it for me. But be prepared for some portuguese punctuation: Long periods and lots of commas.


He went there, he went there that night to see the man he loved long ago, he wasn't sure about this feeling anymore though, so much time apart from each other… They grew up too, the inconsequence of youth, what they did back then was only the past, pages of old books forgotten somewhere, and he didn't want to find them, oh no, he didn't. What could loneliness do to them, huh? He knew this very well, how he's lost his dignity to him in exchange of love, all he wanted and all he have never got, love. From him. He's got a wife, that was her job, wasn't it? To love him, to give him children, to give a meaning to his life. But still, that little act in the past made him want something unreachable, him. While one was everything for the other, this same man saw it as a distraction, only something made up to pass the time. Love and distraction. How sad.

But Brandon was there that night, his forgotten love was playing, not just playing but singing, singing like he never did, his place was behind the drums, not there in the front, stealing hearts to throw them away later. That was Brandon's job.

 "Come here Taylor, gimme a kiss." Such simple words, he would say them to him all the time, back then, while no one could see. That was his thing after all.  He saw the way they just brushed their lips during a first moment, Taylor and him, Ronnie.  But he wasn't satisfied, he never is, he wrapped his arm around his guitarist's neck, raping his lips until Taylor puled away, his arms in comical positions, looking scared at the now lead singer. Scared, that man, better, that boy always looked scared, Taylor, always scared of Ronnie, why though? They were friends, at least that's what was heard. 

"Come here, gimme a kiss." Thought Brandon, letting out a little giggle, watching them start the next song from some distance, he didn't want Ronnie to see him this soon, he would leave a surprise for him, after the show was a good idea. Appearing between the fans right now wasn't something good at all, maybe a little flashy, you know? 

Brandon stood there till the end of it all, just observing the little details on Ronnie's body. His hair was pretty good now, did he get those hairplugs huh? The little scar he's got on his chin was far away from being visible under his thick black beard, which was stunning. It looked so soft but so masculine at the same time, just imagine touching it, but not with your fingers, no, they're not worth all that graciousness, but with the skin of your face, maybe your lips, that would be great, just GREAT. Taylor was lucky, very, very lucky. Not just for feeling his beard but for having his arm around his neck, Ronnie's arms were wonderful, why didn't he notice that before? He was so fit now… Pleasurable, Brandon would say. 

The amount of fans found outside waiting for their hero to come out was expected, it was funny to see them only going after Taylor to ask for Ronnie, the Milne guy could be a lucky motherfucker, but, have pity on him, being alone in a band with RONNIE, well, the guy needs to have patience, because we're not talking about any Ronnie, but the Vannucci JUNIOR one. Yep, the one who's got the attention span of a dog, or better, of a drummer. 

Brandon waited for all the fans to go back home and Ronnie was left inside only with his whiskey and Taylor to keep him company. Entering the place Brandon saw Taylor in some far corner packing his stuff while Ronnie was sitting in front of a little bar, laying his back on it, each elbow by the side of his torso, supporting his body over it. A glass full of ice and something golden-ish in his right hand while looking at his bandmate pack their stuff in the distance. 

"You didn't even notice me." Said Brandon while taking a seat next to Ronnie, letting out a little giggle seeing the surprised look in his face.

"I didn't! You bastard! Why didn't you tell me you were here? We could have played something together…" Ronnie almost left the glass of whiskey fall from his hand with the sight of Brandon. 

"You know, I'm still on my "vacation", I didn't want to have to deal with all the fans in there, they would eat me alive if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, yeah, I know… So… Hm, how are you man?"

"I'm fine, yes, spending time with your family and kids is always good, you know. And you?"

"Well, well, I'm just a little upset with all the bureaucracy over releasing an album, but playing in front of all those people makes it worth it. Haha, I can feel the love there."

Then the awkward silence came.

"So, hm, Brandon… What did you think of the show?"

"It was great, Ronnie, great like you have always been when the subject is music. One can always set their expectations high when it comes to you, you never let people down."

"Hahaha, thank you very much, man, Taylor helps a lot." Said Ronnie letting out a short laugh, seeing Taylor dropping all the stuff he managed to get under his arms to take them out.

And then, the awkward silence again. 

Ronnie drank the last few drops of whiskey in his glass, got up and left it on some table, coming back to Brandon.

"I think it would be better to get inside, Taylor is taking his time with our stuff…" He gave a quick look to his bandmate, still there, working, he had a contract, and packing the band's things wasn't there but he would make him do it anyway. "So, c'mon Brandon." He gave a little tap on the singer's shoulder, making him get up and follow him inside. 

The interior of the place was very pretty, the walls full of paints and pics of great musicians and artists, a low yellow light to help with the atmosphere. There were great corridors and some rooms, Ronnie was leading the way while Brandon just followed, they didn't stop at any door, any sound could be heard either, it was late at night though. Suddenly the comfortable feeling of the ornate walls and the yellow lights was replaced by some kind of desperation, they entered in a white corridor, clean walls, three doors. Ronnie stopped near the end of it, and without warning pinned Brandon against the bright white cement. He was caught off guard, only feeling the drummer taking one of his hands to his thighs, squeezing one of them like he meant it.

"What… What do you want?" Brandon was shaking a little.

What's the best solution to shut someone up? Kissing them is obviously the best choice, and that's what Ronnie did, but Brandon wasn't easy, he wasn't opening his mouth, he wasn't letting him in. He knew he would be left alone after it, with him it's always the same, he just wants the pleasure inside of you. But it was only a kiss wasn't it? He would fool himself and say it was just a kiss, ONLY it. Slowly, he started to open his mouth, letting their tongues meet and explore. Brandon could finally feel it, his beard against the very well shaved skin of his own face. That feeling was unbelievable, all that softness and masculinity being pressed against his face, and the other's tongue, wildly getting into his mouth. The taste of whiskey was there too. Almost unbearable to a normal and weak human being. 

Then Ronnie's hand started to take an inappropriate route, coming up from the other's thighs to his crotch, his fingers smoothly sliding over the denim fabric, something was growing in there, yes, it was.

Brandon broke the kiss first. "I don't want to… To do it again. I told myself I wouldn't."

"Fuck what you tell yourself."

Ronnie turned Brandon around, now leaving him facing the wall, while pressing his own body against his. His now growing erection against his ass. 

"Why do you want to do it with me? You've got Taylor, go fuck him."

Ronnie didn't answer, just started to unbutton Brandon's shirt. It was going to happen again, he would be used for not being strong enough to run away, to say no, he wasn't that kind of weak person, at least not anymore, he has been through so many difficult times in his life. Why couldn't he get over Ronnie? He would try to run away, yes, that was the right thing to do. He waited till the drummer got his both hands off of his now unbuttoned shirt to take them to his pants and tried to run. Just to be caught not so far and be shoved, face first, into the wall, Ronnie snorting in his ear, angry. Brilliant Brandon, you just made it worse! 

Ronnie pulled Brandon's arms to remove his shirt, as he did so, even being angry like he was he couldn't resist not to kiss the singer's perfect skin. He started at the back of his neck, then descended to his shoulder, leaving little hickeys in his path. Those weren't marks of love, but of possession. Although those brought Brandon so much pleasure, his lips on his skin… His beard, it was all so hot. He continued to kiss, leading his hands to the younger's pants, opening the belt, then his jeans, letting them fall down his legs along with his boxers. There it was, his member, fully erected. 

"I thought you didn't want this…"


Ronnie touched it, hearing Brandon sigh, there he was, defeated again, under him. It was always the drummer, aways him, always the owner of those arched eyebrows and long eyelashes with the dark eyes. The eyes that could see deep inside your soul. What would they see there? Sadness? Happiness? Maybe… Guilt. Ronnie only touched Brandon's member, only, then he got his hands off of him and turned him around again, now they were facing each other. They started to kiss one more time and then Ronnie took the singer's hands to his pants, leaving them there, he knew what he was supposed to do. Brandon started the unbuckle the other's belt while having his mouth invaded, widely opened, why was he doing it anyway? He didn't want it. But he had to, he was too scared of being devoured by his eyes. When Brandon finished his job of undoing Ronnie's pants, the older took the singer's legs and made him lock them on his hips. Now the only things that were preventing Brandon from falling were Ronnie's hips, his arms holding him up and his body pressing him against the wall. Again he was depending on him.

Brandon broke the kiss first, gasping for air, Ronnie took one of his hands to the other's mouth, putting two fingers inside of it. He knew what he was supposed to do. He started to suck on the other's fingers, his eyes locked on each other's. That was kind of scary actually. Ronnie's eyes, so deep, so dark… It was consuming his soul, he knew, it was slowly taking the humanity away from him. The eyes in the human species are something so special and essential. You can see the world with them but they create bonds too, between children and parents, between family, between lovers. They weren't lovers, he didn't want to believe in that, but why, why were his eyes like that? Nobody will ever know, better be ignorant and fear them then try to discover their secret and be caught forever inside of them. 

Ronnie slowly started to get his fingers off of the other's mouth, Brandon licking them one last time. He took his hand to the singer's entrance, pressing one of his digits there, getting inside of him. Brandon started to shiver.

"Tell me what you want me to do."

"I want you to leave me, I… I… I don't want it…"

"I won't do it if you don't ask me for it, but I won't let you go either."

The drummer pressed a second finger inside of him, and started to kiss him again too. Kissing wildly, but deliciously. Soon enough he was giving up. 

Brandon bit Ronnie's lip hard, leaving him a little angry for making it bleed, it was a little too much only to break up a kiss, but he finally said it.

"I can't… Oh… I… Fuck me."

"As you wish."

Ronnie let out a laugh, presuming that he was ready, he took both his hands to the singer's hips, pulling him up against the wall and positioning himself better under him. Then he started to enter him slowly, Brandon's hands on the back of Ronnie's neck, digging crescent half-moon shaped marks into it. That initial pain… Was unbearable. He was shattering there, on the cold wall, biting his "lover's" shoulder. Once the drummer was totally inside of him, he began to thrust, and Brandon to moan. It was too much, the singer could feel it, each inch of it, there, in and out, hitting that spot. That spot that made the pain worth it, that spot that gave him pleasure, pure pleasure. Soon enough he was forgetting about the sting of it all, and as he did his moaning was getting louder and louder, and that feeling inside of him was getting bigger. Ronnie was slamming into him now, he couldn't stand it anymore, both of them. They came. Ronnie inside of Brandon and this one over the other's abdomen, on his shirt. It was finished. 

Brandon was panting, Ronnie got out of him, carefully placing him on the ground, next to his clothes. The drummer took off his green shirt, now dirty with Brandon's come, placing it over the pile of the other's clothes, and picking his and putting it on, while he was still getting dressed he heard something. Was it his name?

"Ronnie! Ronnie! Where are you? I've already packed everything, let's…" Taylor opened the door at the end of the corridor, in shock he saw the scene. The next thing that was heard was the door slamming, and the Milne guy running.

But still. They were not lovers.

No love.


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