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This is the place for slash fic about The Killers on LiveJournal. If you don't like slash, you probably won't like it here. To find out more about what slash is, go here.

Pretty much anything is acceptable as long as one or more members of The Killers are involved. You can include members of other bands, actors, or others if you like. Direct questions to ___amazed (vipper902@yahoo.com), elethoniel (elethoniel@yahoo.co.uk), faeries_wing919 (daydream_believer919@hotmail.com), your moderators.

No community promotion other than Killers communities, or other slash/fanfic communities. Got it?

Please put your fics, animations, large pictures, or large posts behind a "cut". To learn how to do a "cut", go here. Now go post us some hot boy-on-boy action!

Practically everything is allowed here. G-NC-17, smut, romance, humor, darkfic, etc. There are a few topics that we (the mods and the members of this community) will not tolerate in this community. No underage characters (below 18) engaged in explicit sexual acts; this does not mean that you are not allowed to write stories about underage characters in relationships, just no humping, okay?

When posting a fic, please try to provide the following information.

Pairing (unless it's a surprise pairing)
Warnings (such as explicit violence, lots of profanity, character death; anything anyone is not expecting.)
It would also be nice if you could provide a summary, just to let people know what they're getting themselves into.

Also, seeing as how this is a community for Killer slash, it would be best if you tried to keep it boys only. As in, none of their girlfriends, none of their wives; that's not what we're here for.

If you're looking for a beta (someone who can read over your story and check for grammatical, spelling, and characterization errors, or someone to just give you a little push in the right direction with a story) then go back to this post. It is a list of those willing to beta.

Thanks to the lovely folks over at albion_fic for inspiration. Couldn't have done it without you.

Help spread the lovely word of The Killers slash. You know you want to.

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